Dating an asexual person

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For many of those who are on the Asexual spectrum there is a constant inner battle of choosing to give in to having sex just to appease their partner and to fit in and to choose not to and stay true to what they identify as.Not to say those who choose to have sex are any less asexual because they have chosen to partake in sexual activity.Identifying as this sexuality is as much a struggle as identifying as anything else on the LGBTQ spectrum, it's just not as addressed as often as the rest of the sexualities/identities.The largest struggle of them all is being a non-sexual being in a sexual world.This could be the desire to sexually touch someone or to go as far as to have penetrative sex (depending on what gender or orientation you are attracted to).Those who identify as Asexual lack these desires and feelings, plain and simple.There are many different sub-types but there are three major ones are those that one may usually fall under.

I’m not prescribing this for anyone, I’m merely offering it as one model since we have so few. But they also weren’t easy to figure out right away.

For many that identify as Asexual, myself included, the time old questions are getting even more old to answer.

As little known, or addressed, sexuality there is much for those who do not identify as Asexual to learn.

To better understand this one must define what sexual attraction is, as well.

Sexual attraction is the desire to have sexual contact with someone.

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